The story behind the name

It's safe to say I'm a bit of a geek and ever so slightly obsessed with movies, so much so I even document each movie I watch over on Instagram (you can follow my journey using #in2015ihavebeenmostlywatching). Therefore it was pretty much a given that I would have to come up with a name that had a movie connection, but where to start and which movie would I base it on? Fight Club? High Fidelity? Shaun of the Dead? Hmmmm maybe not!


Then it struck me, it had to be BACK TO THE FUTURE!! One of my all time favourite movies from my childhood that I still religiously watch ever year and love more than any other film. Then, as if by magic, the name Twin Pines instantly came to mind and it just felt right. Now you may get the very obscure reference to Back to the Future, but then again you may be thinking "what is this crazy woman going on about, I don't remember anything about Twin Pines". I promise you I'm not crazy!




It all starts when Marty was woken up by Doc and told to meet him at a mall parking lot to film an experiment (aka the time machine). Marty rushes over and meets Doc at the Twin Pines Mall (Woop there it is!) and it's from here that Marty ends up going back to 1955.




In 1955 the location of the Twin Pines Mall is instead a ranch owned by a man named Mr. Peabody. He makes the mistake of confusing Marty and the DeLorean for a U.F.O. and a martian and as Marty is driving away so nobody gets killed he accidentally runs over one of the two pines outside Mr. Peabody’s ranch. The ranch was named after those two pine trees. Twin Pines Ranch!!!!




While in 1955 Doc reminds Marty that any of his actions will have serious consequences and could possibly change the future. Marty eventually goes back to 1985 a few minutes before Doc is killed so he can stop the murder. The crazy thing is that Marty doesn’t go back to the same mall it is now called Lone Pine Mall! GREAT SCOTT!!!




See I told you I wasn't crazy (well only a little, but that's a story for another time)!


So Twin Pines Creative it is then, not only is it a nice simple name but it's also part of a subtle easter egg from my all time favourite film. Perfect!