the value of a moment

I'm really not a big fan of the whole new year, new you bullshit. I mean who said you weren't an amazing human bean just as you are?! We all put way too much pressure on each other and more importantly ourselves (myself included), that we aren't good enough and in January we have to become a completely new you. What's wrong with just being and enjoying life. Enjoying each of the little moments.

Thats why last year I set myself the challenge of filming a one second everyday video. I wanted to take note of the little things, the little moments, even the days where nothing exciting happens and to remind myself that even though I may feel like I'm chained to my computer all the time or life is shit, it really isn't like that.

Sure shit happens on both a catastrophic and micro scale but so many amazing memories happen in between. Last year one of those amazing memories happened purely because of creating my video. One Friday evening when the husband and I were doing the food shop (I know, how rock n' roll are we!) and I realised I hadn't done a video for the day yet and asked Darren if I could film him for my video. He then surprised me with a little heel kick which started our regular food shop trolley antics. Now we have so much fun coming up with ideas for being silly in the supermarket and I no longer dread the weekly food shop. We took something so mundane and made it fun and was a perfect example to remind me that even these little moments can become a great memories that'll be treasured forever. 

Sometimes you’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
— Dr. Seuss

Hope you enjoy the good, the bad and the ridiculous trolley antics!