A year on from the launch of Twin Pines Creative, it felt like an updated look and feel was in order. I was never happy with the original branding or creative but didn't want to let that hold me up starting a design studio. Instead I pushed ahead and since then I've had time to reflect and grow as a designer by working with so many amazing people. A year later and I'm in a much better place, know who I am and what I love. So what better time to make Twin Pines what I wanted it to be in the first place.

Branding yourself or your own company is one of the most difficult projects a designer can take on. Not only are you your own worst critic there are also so many things you like and ideas running through your brain it's hard to work out which ones to listen to. Eventually after lots of research, analysis and of course plenty of pinning, a moodboard started coming together.

A vibrant cobalt blue instantly stood out and was one of the first elements I knew I wanted to incorporate into my new branding, as blue has long been one of my favourite colours. However I wanted to use a more modern tone than I have in the past. From there it wasn't long before everything else started falling into place. A modern style combined with minimalism and elegance quickly formed and from there, the new and improved Twin Pines Creative was born.


- logo + sub marks

In addition to the main logo the sub marks use a simple sans-serif typeface, however each include a stylised 'w' reflecting two pine trees (albeit upside down). A subtle feature but one that makes a huge difference.


- website

Built using Squarespace, twinpinescreative.com expands on the branding and has a modern style combined with minimalism and elegance. Using a limited palette for core site elements was a must in order to allow each project's individual colours to stand out. Creative use of white space and mixing up the layout was key to the initial moodboard and design ideas and works well to create a unique pace to the website.

As before the site is fully responsive meaning it instantly works on all devices. An updated structure also means the website is not only more accessible it gives the user all the key information they need in small digestible chunks.

The entire process has been so much fun and I cannot wait to get stuck into some more contemporary designs for other clients.