Our latest addition...

Meet Ellie at 3 weeks


It’s been a little quiet on the Twin Pines Creative front huh? 

Well 5 weeks ago the husband and I added a new member to the Ings clan, a gorgeous 8 week old black labrador puppy we’ve called Ellie. It's been a whirlwind few weeks, as you can imagine, hence the radio silence recently. 

After working at least an hours commute away from home for the past 5 years, we always thought it would be unfair to add the puppy we've been dreaming about for so long to our family as we were rarely at home. That all changed 12 months ago when we moved in our new home where the daily commute went from an hour and a half each way to 5 minutes. From then we knew it wouldn't be long before our family grew by 1. After making a few necessary changes to the house and making the garden dog proof the search began and it didn't take long at all.  

Meet Ellie at 6 weeks

We always knew we wanted a labrador as the husband had grown up with Labs and Golden Retrievers his entire life. Once we found a litter of 11 black labrador puppies online we hopped in the car and trundled on over to meet them. Instantly we fell in love with all 11 of the gorgeous puppies but alas we couldn't take them all. Luckily we had already made the decision that we wanted a girl so that narrowed our choice down to four. You'd think that would have made things easier but when your one of the most indecisive people in the world and your husband isn't much better, it's pretty hard to choose between four gorgeous puppies. Funny enough it was Ellie who ended up choosing us. After putting all four girls on the floor she waddled on over in between us and then started licking my hand. From that moment on we knew she was the puppy for us. 

It was a long five weeks waiting to take her home but at least we had plenty of time to spend a small fortune in all the local pet stores buying tons of goodies and toys for little Ellie. The day to pick her up finally came and she was a little trooper, no problems in the car on the way home and she settled in straight away. But with all that puppy energy she soon started to become pretty restless only being allowed in the house or in our back garden.

Ellie at 6 weeks old
Ellie at 9 weeks

It felt like forever with a very energetic puppy running round (read, destroying) the house but last week we were finally allowed to take Ellie outside for the first time. I'm not quite sure who was more excited, the hubby and I or Ellie! It was a massive success and she met lots of new doggy friends. Even better she was absolutely shattered and slept all afternoon. Huzzah!

Ellie at 9 weeks
Ellie at 12 weeks

I still can't believe it's been five weeks already and our tiny puppy is already three months old today. She's grown so much already and I'm so glad I started taking pictures with Piglet each week to see how much she's grown. Here she is the day after she came home at eight weeks old, at nine weeks old and finally at twelve weeks old. It's safe to say she's definitely getting bigger!

I'm pretty sure there will be a few more puppy related posts coming soon but in the mean time I'd love to meet your pets. Why not comment below and add a picture of your little one(s). I can't wait to meet them!