In August 2015 I have been mostly watching...

I'd go as far as saying August was a pretty good month on the movie front. Not only did I treat myself to some classics (Ghostbusters and Death Becomes Her are particular highlights for me) but also watched some cracking new films too.

Hector and the Search for Happiness was a great way to start the month. Moving, funny and insightful, Hector takes a long hard look at how we (fail to) make the best of life. There's no ridiculous over sentimentality, just brilliant one-liners and spot on observations on life, so much so, it felt so incredibly real. All in all, I genuinely felt like a happier person after watching Hector!

Special mentions also have to go to Southpaw and Self/less, I cannot recommend these enough.

In August 2015 I have been mostly watching...

184 Hector and the Search for Happiness / 185 Step Brothers / 186 Serendipity / 187 The Object of my Affection / 188 Contagion / 189 Identity / 190 Pitch Perfect 2 / 191 Shaun of the Dead / 192 Premium Rush / 193 Death Becomes Her / 194 The Bling Ring / 195 Smashed / 196 Don Jon / 197 This is 40 / 198 Her / 199 Hot Fuzz / 200 Knocked Up / 201 The World's End / 202 Yes Man / 203 Ghostbusters / 204 Ghostbusters II / 205 Spy / 206 The 40 Year Old Virgin / 207 Southpaw / 208 Side Effects  / 209 Self/less 

The eagle eyed of you out there might have even noticed I've already surpassed last years total (203) already!!!! Before August had even finished! Huzzah! So what do you reckon? Do you think I can do 300 by the end of the year? Or how bout 365? I guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out!

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