In June 2015 I have been mostly watching...

A little later than planned but I thought I’d share with you the movies I watched during the month of June. Another bumper month of movies and I’m well on the way to beating my total number of movies watched last year (203 but whose counting...oh wait?!). 




138 San Andreas139 District 9 / 140 Scott Pilgrim vs the World / 141 Thanks for Sharing / 142 Think Like a Man / 143 Love and Other Impossible Pursuits / 144 The Heartbreak Kid / 145 Constantine / 146 30 Minutes or Less / 147 Pineapple Express / 148 Just Go With It / 149 Big Daddy / 150 Little Nicky / 151 Jurassic World / 152 Edge of Tomorrow / 153 Love & Other Drugs / 154 End of Watch / 155 This is the End / 156 Super8 / 157 2012 / 158 Jarhead / 159 Kingsman: The Secret Service


One of the stand out movies this month for me by far was Kingsman: The Secret Service. Stylish, brutal and bloody hilarious. Kingsman is almost a love-letter to the James Bond films of the past but doesn’t go to the extreme and just become a parody. If you’re a a fan of the Bond movies or Kick-Ass you will love it, with plenty of action, comedy and espionage, a bucket of winks and not to mention references and nods to the world of spy movies. Kingsman is a hoot to watch with it’s ‘wham, bam, thank-you ma’am’ style of mayhem, one-liners and a pretty good soundtrack to boot.


Want to know what I thought of any of the other movies I watched this month? Drop me a comment below and I’ll give you my opinion as to whether it’s worth a watch!


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