In July I have been mostly watching...

Although July was a slow month for movie watching, I did manage to watch some amazing new films as well as some absolute classics. Se7en and Donnie Darko are two of my all time favourite movies (not sure what that means about me, does it mean I'm dark and twisty?!)  but the real stand out films for me this month were definitely Antman and What We Did on our Holiday.

In July 2015 I have been mostly watching

What We Did on our Holiday is an absolutely fantastic movie that not made me cry but laugh and smile at the same time. A quirky and wonderfully imaginative script that in less than 30 minutes managed to dissect family life and then reconstruct it to embrace every aspect of the spectrum of each generation and their interactions. The three children are destined to be stars in the years to come and definitely steal the show.

Going into the Odeon at Brighton I didn't have high hopes for Antman but was well and truly surprised. Paul Rudd was the perfect choice for Scott Lang, a likeable and charismatic hero who most definitely has you routing for him from the start!  Granted, most people will tell you I'm easily amused, but the 'epic' fight scenes switching from close up and right in the action to wide shots showing the 'devastation' had me in stitches. Oh Thomas how you made me laugh.

So then, enough about me what have you been watching recently? Have you got any recommendations for me?

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