beetle cherry . new project


Beetle Cherry is well and truly a unique business. An illustrated wildlife park where you'll find a collection of prints, jewellery and homeware featuring endangered animals who can be 'adopted'. And by adopting one of the animals you will directly be helping endangered animals in the wild as 10% of the profits go to selected wildlife charities. What an amazing cause and such a lovely way to make a difference.

The creative force behind Beetle Cherry is Claire and we instantly connected when we began working on the branding process. Claire had done a lot of initial work in terms of ideas on the branding, however was struggling to focus the creative and that's when she reached out for help from yours truly. After a number of chats and some pinning on our secret board the ideas started flowing and it wasn't long before the moodboard started taking shape.


The moodboard quickly formed with some of Claire's favourite illustrators work as well as one of her own illustrations. Bold, colourful and fun were key factors for Beetle Cherry's branding and boy oh boy did we go for it.

As always, after the moodboard stage I got stuck into sketching out logo concepts. This is always one of my favourite stages in the branding process as its no holds barred creativity, where no idea is a bad idea.


Once I sketched up as many ideas as possible I then started working up a few in Illustrator until I had 6 ideas I was happy to present to Claire. Each concept had it's own personality and style so it was (hopefully) easier for Claire to decide which concept she preferred.


In the end we decided to go with a mixture of two different concepts taking on the keyline and offset text layout but with a little something extra in the form of colour and type styling.

A bright, multi-coloured brand was definitely in order to complement Claire's beautiful illustrations. One of my favourite elements of the chosen logo itself is the lowercase 'e' in cherry, which adds a nice little whimsical touch.


Once the branding project was complete I received the most beautiful gift from Claire of one her gorgeous honeycomb necklaces as well as a couple of examples of how she's started using her shiny new branding. Words can't describe how lovely this is to get to see something I've helped design come to life in print. So unbelievably proud of Claire and what she's achieved. A true inspiration to everyone!