hello sunshine . wholesale catalogue


If you've been following for me a while you'll already know all about Hello Sunshine but if not here's all the details you need to know. Hello Sunshine is the brainchild of the awesome Jo Want and is all about making people smile, whether it's with a piece of fun laser cut jewellery or a doodle. It's safe to say as soon as you meet Jo you can understand why she named her company Hello Sunshine, as it not only reflects Jo herself, but her brand and products as well. Founded in 2011, Hello Sunshine's signature style of laser cut jewellery and bespoke doodles have long been popular. And last year I was honoured to have Jo as the first official Twin Pines Creative client when we worked together on the rebrand and collateral for Hello Sunshine.

In line with Jo's first ever trade fair in April 2016 we started cooking up plans for a number of projects including her incredibly exciting wholesale catalogue. A first for both Jo and myself but oh so much fun, with lots of awesome ideas and even getting to collaborate with Holly Booth on photography. Here's just a couple of behind the scenes pics from our awesome day that was most definitely not powered by Party Rings!


In order to keep in line with the clean, minimalist look and feel initially created in the branding process, the catalogue design was pared back and let the awesome photography and products take centre stage. Personally, I'm still in love with the 'About Jo' spread as well as the incredibly bold and simple cover, that Jo had envisioned since day one.


We also got to work together on a number of other little projects for the trade fair including postcards for her visitors as well as a mailing list, order form and invoice template so every touch point was totally on brand. To say I LOVE working on all the extra branding collateral is an understatement, as it's so awesome to get the opportunity to expand the brand further and get to try out lots of different ideas.